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3. Relief Prints/ Linocuts

In relief printing, the plate surface is cut away so that the uncut surface is made to stand out in relief. Typically, the ink is applied to only the relief surfaces by means of a roller or other device and the image is transferred to paper using an etching press or by hand. However the plate can be inked both intaglio and relief, or just in relief, depending on how the grooves are cut. I usually use linoleum, but traditionally wood plates are used in woodcuts and hardwood in wood engraving. Usually a different plate is used for each colour so that a print with five colours in it may require five different plates.  I prefer using the reductive technique invented by Picasso, where one plate is used to produce a print of many different colours. This requires visualizing the all the colours of the final print at the initial stage and organizing the printing and plate cutting process accordingly.  I always print linocuts on dry paper.

See James Mah's Linocuts

Auguries of Autumn II (Ochre Sienna Series)
Linocut, 9" x 11"